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Hotels in Urbino

  • hotel Albergo San Domenico
    Albergo San Domenico
    ... opposite the Ducal Palace. Pesaro railway station is 35 Km. away. On the A14 take the Pesaro exit and follow the directions towards Urbino (SS.423 ...
  • hotel Bonconte
    ... of Urbino, within the walls and a short distance from the Ducal Palace. The beach is 35 Km. away. On the A14 towards Pesaro and ...
  • hotel Mamiani
    ... and 30 Km. from Pesaro.
  • hotel Dei Duchi
    Dei Duchi
    ... of Urbino with great views, 500 m. above sea level. The beach and Pesaro train station are 35 Km. away. From the A14 going towards ...